Unsere Tänze

Wir könnten jetzt auch die jeweiligen Tanzbeschreibungen dazu anbieten, aber da gibt es schon einige tolle Seiten, die alles haben, was das Linedance-Herz begehrt.

Get in Line * Kick it

(Diese Seiten findet Ihr unter unseren Links!)

Von Region zu Region gibt es Unterschiede was das Tanzen angeht. Na ja, hat ja auch jeder einen anderen Geschmack.
Das ist auch gut, denn so kann man sich auf den Veranstaltungen sehr gut austauschen.

Addicted to love* After five stomp* After midnight* Ain't no way* Ain't It the truth * All aboard*
All wound up* Amame* An absolute dream* Aspire*
Baby ride easy* Bad heart day* Ballymore boys* Barne Dance* Bar Room Romeo* Beer for my horses* Before the devil*
Bellamy Blues* Be strong* Better off* Black coffee* Boot scootin' boogie* Bop* Bossa Nova* Bread and butter*
Broken stones* Bump n Grind* Butterfly*
Cabo san lucas* C-Aitch Boogie* Canadian stomp* CCS* Cha cha groove*  Chattahoochee* Chill Factor* Clickety Clack*  Closer*
Conrado Cha Cha* Cool Dance* Cotton eyed joe* Cotton fields* Cotton picking morning*
Country Two-Step* Country walking* Copperhead road* Cowboy* Cowboy Boggie* Cowboy cha cha* Cowboy Charleston* Cowboy Hip Hop*
Crazy Foot Mambo*
Crazy happy* Cruisin*
Dallas walk* Dancing in the Dark * Dance like you're the only one* Dizzy* Doctor Doctor* Done It* Don't get burned* Dont't gimme that* Down on the corner* Drunken cowboy*
Eagles rock* Empty Space* El Paso* Electric slide* 8 & 1* Enchantment* Ex's and oh's*
Fine day* Fire & Snow Waltz* First steps* 5 o'clock something* 5, 6, 7, 8* 4-Corner* Four horses* Flobie slide*
Get in line* Ghost train* God blessed Texas* Going back west* Grundy gallop*
Hardwood stomp* Heart of an angel* Hearts & Flowers* Hey baby* Hey girl* Hickory Lake* Hot love* Hung up*
Ice breaker* Independence day* I O U* Irish Stew* Islands in the stream*
Jamaika mistaka* Jambalaya* Jitterbuggin* Jos Tennessee waltz * Jolene - for 'The Lady' * Jolene, Jolene (The Boss Hoss) * Just a kiss* Just a memory*
Kick 'n rock* Kill the spiders* Kiss my body* Knee deep*
Land of dreams* Lay low* Leaving of Liverpool* Lightning Polka* Live, Laugh, Love* Loneley drum* Loreley* Louisiana swing*
Make My Day* Margarita Cha* Mein Herz es brennt* Monterey mama* Mony Mony* Music* My Maria*
Native American* North on the border* Not fair* Nothing but taillights*
One step forward* Out last night*
Party for two* Passadena* Pavement ends* Peace Train* Perhaps* Picnic Polka* Pitter Patter* Pizziricco* PL-Shuffle* Precious time*
Quarter after one* 
Radio ramp* Red hot salsa* Reggae cowboy* Reet petite* Ridin'* Rio* Rockabilly Riot* Rockin'*
Ropin' at the ranch*
Rose garden* Rose-a-lee* Rumba* Rumba cha cha*
Scooby snax* Scrap it* Sex bomb* Shamrock Shake* Shakatak* Shania's moment* Shitkicker Step* Sho'nuf*
Siamsa* Side by side* 16 - Step* Small town* Some girls* Something in the water* So not my baby* Southern delight* Southern star*
South side shuffle* So wake me up* Speak to the sky* Speedy* Start the car* Sticks and stones* Stomp it out* Stray-Cat-Strut* Sugar and pie*
Summer Fly* Swamp thang* Sweet maureen* Swinging*
Tag on* Tender hearts* The boat to liverpool* The trail* This + That* Timber* Toes* Tush Push*
Urban Grace*
Wake me up* Walk the line* Waltzing Matilda* Wave on wave* Way a mate* Whiskey wiggle* Whiskeys gone* Whole again* Wishful thinking*
Your're so naughty*
Zjozzys Funk*

Und es kommen immer wieder welche hinzu!